Pregnant Women

The Webster Technique: Chiropractic Treatment for Pregnant Mothers

It might not occur to the average person that chiropractic care can have a positive effect on pregnancy, so it may surprise you that there are a number of ways in which it might help. At Foundation Chiropractic, we offer a variety of services for women who are pregnant or are looking to become pregnant, from adjustments to deal with headaches to the Webster Technique for a more comfortable delivery.

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Expert Pregnancy Chiropractor

Both mother and baby can benefit from an optimal nervous system, and that’s the benefit of chiropractic care. We use great care in our approaches to pregnancy-related chiropractic, making certain our adjustments are comfortable safe for both you and your baby, using successful methods like the Webster Technique. There are four stages at which chiropractic can have a significant effect:

  • Pre-Conception: Preparing the body to be better carry the pregnancy through strength, balance and flexibility.
  • Mid-Pregnancy: Offering a more natural approach to health during the course of pregnancy.
  • Labor and Birth: Ensuring the hips and spine are at an optimum biomechanical level, keeping down the risk of need for intervention during birthing.
  • Post-Delivery: Adjustment for potential subluxation in the baby, which makes breastfeeding more difficult as the child cannot comfortably turn its head to the side.
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Exceptional Headache Remedies

Everybody gets headaches, and many pregnant women find themselves getting more than usual. Headaches may not be uncommon, but they’re not normal, either, and Foundation Chiropractic can help take care of them.

Potential Causes of Headaches

Many headaches are caused by spinal bones in the neck that insufficiently support the head; even if you don’t notice any changes to your range of motion, a subluxation may affect muscles, nerves and blood supply to the head. Others are caused by lower back problems, which force the spine to compensate and shift the head off-center. We have a great success rate with headache patients, and we take a natural approach to treating them, finding and resolving the underlying causes so you don’t need to rely on pain medication.

Comfortable Stress Relief

It’s not a coincidence that stress is so closely associated with pregnancy, and Foundation Chiropractic is equipped to help handle it, no matter the cause. Subluxation is often the result of the body’s attempt to manage stress, so finding and dealing with the stressor is key to relieving it. The three main forms of stress are:

  • Physical: repetitive motion (scrubbing the floor), postural distortion (sleeping on the neck awkwardly), slips and falls, whiplash, and even birth
  • Mental: work overload, grief, frustration, depression — often expressed in posture
  • Chemical: drugs, tobacco, alcohol, preservatives, pollen and more

Chiropractic care can’t erase the stressors in your life, but it can help you adapt to stress and more effectively accommodate it!

Infertility Care

Chiropractic care works to find and resolve the underlying dysfunctions of the nervous system. At Foundation Chiropractic, we work with patients to help restore their nervous systems’ control of organs, including reproductive organs. Many patients who have struggled to get pregnant find themselves able to conceive after chiropractic care to help them overcome nervous system issues.

Traumatic Birth

At Foundation Chiropractic, we will check newborns for negative effects of issues during delivery, such as vacuum extraction, C-section or in-utero constraint. Even births without these sorts of issues may compromise a new baby’s nervous system, leading to problems with colic.

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