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Children and adults alike can benefit from chiropractic care, both to prevent future injuries and to heal current or recurring ones. Using a sports medicine chiropractor to rehabilitate your body is less invasive than surgical procedures and takes a holistic approach to restore and care for your whole body. Foundation Chiropractic offers athletes a way to recover, allowing them to alleviate stress throughout their bodies and, ultimately, optimize their game. We specialize in a multitude of treatments to help athletes heal.

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Spine & Back Pain

One in five athletes has issues with their spine or back. At Foundation Chiropractic, our sports medicine chiropractor can help restore spinal function, heal discs and soft tissues, reduce nerve involvement, ease pain, and better stabilize your spine and back, thanks to technology such as the Pierce Results System and motion X-rays. After our first assessment, we can work with you to adjust for immediate relief and work with you over time to find a long-term solution.

Neck Pain

Your neck is one of the most nerve-rich areas of your spine. Problems in your neck caused by physical, emotional or chemical stress can create other issues throughout the rest of your body. Often, the neck and shoulders are the body’s weakest link, which is why pain commonly originates there. Foundation Chiropractic can help with gentle adjusting to focus on spinal correction that helps to align the spine.

Knee Pain

Aching knees are more than just a nuisance; they can also negatively affect movement and the performance of everyday activities. We at Foundation Chiropractic can identify the root cause of your knee pain and work to overcome it so your daily routines aren’t hampered by it. We don’t just work with the knee; we’ll also check to see if your knees are being affected by alignment issues in your hips or lower back, and deal with those issues as well.

Pinched Nerve

There are 24 bones in your spine that protect your spinal cord while it turns and bends. There are also nerve root pairs that branch off from your spinal cord at each level of your spine to service your organs and tissues. If a spinal bone is misaligned, nerve irritation can result in two types of disturbances: a compression lesion, otherwise known as a pinched nerve, or a facilitative lesion, in which the nerve root is stretched, twisted or chafed. Our sports medicine chiropractor will identify the bones that are moving improperly and adjust them to add motion and reduce nervous system disruption.

Slipped Disc

We at Foundation Chiropractic utilize chiropractic adjustments to help restore proper motion and position of malfunctioning spinal bones, reducing nervous system involvement. We also locate and correct the areas where the spine is interfering with the nervous system control. The invertebral discs are cartilage between the bones of your spinal column, and when improper lifting or an awkward fall causes this core to shift, it may result in three types of slipped discs:

  • Herniation: Disc wedging narrows nerve openings. Obvious symptoms may not be present with this injury.
  • Protrusion: The disc bulges where it is the weakest, similar to a blister, and causes nerve pressure.
  • Prolapse: The disc is ruptured and there is no cushioning, causing movement to be very painful.


Multiple environmental factors have been cited as potential causes of rising asthma rates, but research has also suggested links between the respiratory system and the nervous system. Our techniques at Foundation Chiropractic reduce neurological compromise of the lungs, diaphragm and bronchial tubes, cutting down on attacks. The nerves that control breathing run from the brain to the mid-neck spinal cord area — the C3, C4 and C5 vertebrae — and problems there can substantially affect nerve supply to the diaphragm. We’ll work to reduce subluxations in the spine, allowing our asthma patients to breathe easier.

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