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What Do Patients Have to Say About the Foundation Experience?

Below are some of the great chiropractic reviews our patients have left about their visits to Foundation Chiropractic. You can also take a look at our Facebook reviews here and our Google reviews here.

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I feel so respected by Dr. Hoying. When she explained what was going on with my spine and how it could be affecting my nerves, she did it in a way that was so easy for me to understand. For the first time in over a year, I have hope that, over time, my symptoms will decrease more and more. I could not be more thankful for that!

—Emily O.

Pleasant Visit

During our initial assessment, I felt Dr. Marie listened to my concerns and took time with my family. The office assistant is also exceptional with children and made the entire visit pleasant!

—Robbi S.

Gentle Adjustments

I really feel so blessed to have found Dr. Marie! She is so gentle with her adjustments with my 9-year-old son, she explains everything so that it makes sense and, although I know she may not be able to get rid of my son’s headaches 100%, she is making a big difference in the way he feels. The office staff is also so very friendly; we both love the smiling faces every time we walk in! We feel welcomed!

—Alex R.

A Doctor Who Truly Cares

Dr. Marie is amazing. She truly cares about the patient and takes the time to listen and answer questions. She is also great about trying to get you in at a time that works best for you.

—Allison H.

Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Marie and her staff on my first visit. Dr. Marie is an absolute wealth of knowledge. I have no doubt that I am in good hands and am so looking forward to working with her to correct my neck and spinal issues.

—Megan E.

More Patient Chiropractic Reviews

I was very surprised of the level of care I received. I’m looking forward to getting well. Thank you!
—Donna L.

Very informative/educational, which made me feel confident Dr. Marie would be able to fix my problems.
—Kregg E.

My son is a practicing osteopath, yet I would not let him work on me as I was terrified of any manipulation of my back, spine, etc. I met Dr. Marie at a business function and decided to give her a try after experiencing chronic pain in my right hip. She is amazing! I have sent her many referrals and will continue to do so. She is a top-notch practitioner who uses the most modern equipment and techniques. No pain and great results!
—Carol S.

I have now had my second adjustment and right now I feel absolutely wonderful. My neck and shoulders are softer than they have been in so long I can’t even remember. Looking forward to future visits and my body learning how to stay this way!
—Barb W.

We LOVE Dr. Marie and her receptionist. They are both extremely friendly, welcoming and so helpful. I love all the information I receive and explanation. I love that the receptionist helps with my kids while I get adjusted; it’s such a huge relief, and my kids love her.
—Paige C.

Very professional and personable. Felt relief soon after, plan to be back as followup as I know it is needed for long-term health. Thanks!!
—Teresa K.

Very excited to see what Dr. Marie and chiropractic care can do for me!
—Chelsea M.

This is my first, but not last, visit. Great staff. Dr. Hoying was very thorough and easy to communicate to. I was impressed with her use of X-rays and scans prior to treatment. I look forward to my followup visit.
—James L.

Feel very comfortable with Dr. Marie and confident that together we can get and keep my family healthy!
—Abigail J.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Dr. Marie can help me. Her diagnostic tools are incredible and certainly show that there are a lot of areas where I can improve through her help.
—Brent L.

I love how easy it is to get an appointment since I’m a horrible planner! 🙂
—Rebecca D.

I had a great first visit. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, pleasant office space, and I was seen on time.
—Rodney M.

Both you and your staff gave very good personalized attention to me. I felt very welcome on my first visit your office.
—Bruce J.

Dr. Marie was very professional and answered all my questions in a way that I understood. She is always in a positive, high-energy mood and is always happy to see you. Once I leave, I always feel like a new person because of her ability to see what is going on with my body and able to adjust it. I truly appreciate Dr. Marie’s talent and dedication! I will be recommending her to all my friends and family
—Monica W.

It was an excellent experience.
—Sievers R.

Dr. Marie is excellent, she listens to what issues you’re experiencing and provides helpful treatments and options for you.
—Michael L.