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Meet Dublin Chiropractor, Dr. Marie Hoying

I had a completely life changing experience with chiropractic.”

Growing Up with Chiropractic

Foundation Chiropractic Chiropractor, Marie Hoying

Dr. Marie Hoying

Dr. Marie Hoying grew up playing sports from a young age that continued on throughout her college years. She sustained multiple injuries along the way and saw a chiropractor to care for them. Dr. Marie became interested in chiropractic because regardless of the issue, it was always able to help her. She was intrigued how quickly she could heal after an adjustment without any drugs or surgery involved.

Chiropractic First

One summer, Dr. Marie had a serious emergency. She became ill and found it difficult to breathe. She knew that she needed to get some help, whether that was going to the emergency room or a visit to her chiropractor. Although she was unsure if the chiropractor could help in this particular situation, her mom decided to give that a try first. Miraculously, after being adjusted she felt better instantly. This total life changing experience solidified her decision to become a chiropractor. “I knew without a doubt it was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

A Passion to Change Lives

There is no greater feeling in the world than hearing someone tell you that you’ve changed their life.

Dr. Marie goes on to explain that she loves to help people live their life to the fullest. This passion for helping young children and families get well and stay well is what led Dr. Marie to attend Life University of Chiropractic in Georgia. She believes being the President of the Pierce Results Club, as well as being highly involved in many other activities and clubs in college helped prepare her for what she is doing now as a chiropractor.

Staying Active with Family and the Outdoors

Dr. Marie is extremely family and friend-oriented. She loves being around kids and spending time with her niece and nephews. She is also involved in her local church and enjoys volunteering. Dr. Marie enjoys being outdoors and remains very active in sports. Whenever she gets the chance, she heads back to her hometown where she enjoys getting a competitive game of kickball, softball, corn hole or basketball in with her cousins. As she reflects on her earlier years, she realizes that playing basketball in high school and college is what truly led her to choosing chiropractic as a career. The help she received led her to want to provide that same help to others. Dr. Marie would like to welcome you and your family to get well and stay well with Foundation Chiropractic. Call 614-389-5271 today to see how chiropractic care can help!